During the Hundred Years’ War, England’s Edward III lay siege to the French port city of Calais. Tragically cut off from their delicious food, the residents of Calais began to go hungry.

Legend has it that Edward III demanded the surrender of six Burghers (leaders of the city) in exchange for saving Calais. Due to a loss in translation, the residents of Calais gathered its finest chefs, and delivered to King Edward six Burgers instead. Edward III was so moved by the ineffable taste of these burgers that he spared the city, thus saving the residents of Calais.

The Burgers of Calais carries on the age-old tradition of good food, and good food puns. Whether you want a taste of the Crêpes of Wrath, or perhaps wish to make Much Ado about Muffins, enjoy a culinary journey as you browse through our humorous, but tasteful, selection.

Editor-and-Chef, The Burgers of Calais